Winery's accomodation
in Bordeaux's Vineyard

If for you, "winery tour and wine tasting in Bordeaux" also rhymes with "night in a castle in the heart of the vines", do not go beyond Bordeaux. Are you fancy a unique experience? Opt for a Relais & Châteaux in Bordeaux and let yourself be pampered. Stay at the Château Hotel Grand Barrail where a valet and private chef will take care of you. One more more step and you join the Spa; a nanny will take care of your children and you will have a driver in Rolls Royce at your dispsal!

If you are on a budget, opt for a elegant room with views of the vineyards at Château Du Tertre. There you will perhaps dive into the 50 meter pool and spend the night in a chartreuse of the 17th century. Some castles prefer not to accommodate people in the main house and offer comfortable rooms in old stables or in the accommodation provided for the grape harvesters.

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