The Wine Cellar of La Cité du Vin

While modern viticulture teaches us that the vine flourishes between the 20th and the 50th parallels, there are some who push these limits by cultivating the vine at “extreme latitudes”. Latitude 20, the wine cellar of La Cité du Vin, gives star billing to all those who dare to try. From the extreme cold of Sweden to the Namibian deserts, this cellar pursues its aim tirelessly: to represent all the wine-producing countries of the world.

Latitude20 - la cave plan large  

"And in this, it is already unique: 74 countries represented out of the 92 that produce wine."

The cellar of world wines

From the start of the project, La Cité du Vin wanted to have a sales area worthy of its name. Although it is established in Bordeaux, this interpretation centre is an ambassador for the world of wine, and its wine cellar for the wines of the world.

The AROM group, led by Didier Oudin, won the project to set up a wine bar, a gourmet snack bar and a wine cellar. His associate Christian Messaris suggested calling on Régis Deltil to take care of the wine cellar. Successively CEO, wine merchant and Bordeaux retailer, he has surrounded himself with great names such as the oenologist Michel Rolland, to chair the cellar’s selection committee, as well as Andréas Larsson (Best Sommelier in the World 2007).

Faced with new public expectations, the wish to include this cellar in a 2.0 dynamic was an imperative. After all, if la Cité du Vin is now at the cutting edge of technology, its cellar should shine with the same brilliance.

Voyage of discovery


It is also unique for its circular design. Like a carousel, the cellar invites the visitor to go round and journey among the 800 wine listings from the whole world. French wines are displayed at the centre of the room, with 250 listings, and some iconic wines are showcased. Bordeaux is nevertheless the most represented region in the cellar, with its 120 bottles spread over all the appellations. As for the prices, they are moderate for most of the cellar, between €5 and €50.

Finally, and to help understand this wide range, touch screens are available. The intimate atmosphere encourages discussion with the six, hand-picked cellar staff.

Latitude20 - Tablette  
Latitude20 - Bouteilles prestigieuses  
Latitude20 - Cave avec gens  
Latitude20 - Bouteille Tahiti  

A quest worthy of an adventure movie

Our “Indiana Joneses” of wine are striving to build up a real collection and, like any serious collectors, their obsession will not cease until their task is accomplished. Patience is needed, however, because geopolitics and the “extreme” climate of certain vineyards do not play in their favour:

  • Iran refuses categorically to allow wines from its sole estate to be exported
  • Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have frozen some trade
  • Norway, Sweden and Denmark are subject to harsh climates and wine production is severely affected, sometimes strongly reducing the harvest from the few available hectares.

The cellar staff favourites !

This is a noble quest, and 1 year after the opening of the Cité du Vin, the objectives have been achieved.
And when asked if there will be future innovations, the team replies with enthusiasm: a Latitude 20 cuvée is being prepared (in collaboration with Michel Rolland); the cellar will soon be providing training on wines of the world in schools; and finally, prestige dinners will feature distinguished brands such as Pétrus or Romanée-Conti.
So the answer is a resounding Yes!