There’s more than just wine in the vineyards: art art and art!

There is something magical in a castle: a beautiful setting, architecture, history. Nothing like a castle, a cellar or a vineyard to celebrate art in all its forms. Many of Bordeaux's wine estates have their own collections of art ranging from contemporary masters to classical and regional artists. Whether in the castles or on the grounds surrounded by vineyards, art exhibitions can be found everywhere. Some galleries or collections are open to the public only by reservation. Do not forget to inquire and book in advance. Here are 5 must-haves. Go check it out !

There’s more to Chateau d’Arsac than great wine.

The stunning exterior is a hint of what’s to come - with the bright blue façade of the wine cellar and a glass central dome. There is a contemporary sculpture exhibition -the “Jardin des Sculptures- held in the grounds with a permanent display of around 20 works bought by the chateau owner. The display includes works by Pages, Gérard Titus-Carmel, Venet and Morley. In the vineyards themselves is “Skywatcher,” a sculpture by Klein. Philippe Raoux the owner interprets the work as “the representation of a woman looking at the sky worrying about the weather” - the preoccupation of every winemaker! 

arsac - sculpture nuages  
arsac pot rouge  

Chateau Chasse-Spleen, winner of the trophy for “Best of wine tourism” under the category “Art and Culture”...

...  for its contemporary art, Chateau Chasse Spleen has a quirky selection of well placed works in the chateau, the cellars and in the grounds. There are nine, red “dancing triangles” in the cellars - brilliantly juxtaposed with the oak barrels and sober architecture. Outside are other artistic surprises, with permanent and temporary displays of modern art amongst the ancient oaks and topiary in the grounds.

The giant wellington boots on the lawn in front of the chateau are by Lilian Bourgeant - an artist well known for his monumental sculptures of every day items. They’re just waiting for an ogre vigneron…..

Chasse spleen chais  

Mouton Rothschild
and its stunning
Museum of Wine in Art

Situated in a former barrel hall, the stunning Museum of Wine in Art at Mouton Rothschild boasts one of the world’s finest collections of wine-related treasures. The collection includes exceptionally rare items of 17c German gold and silverware, mediaeval tapestries, paintings, ivories, porcelain and glassware and jugs, cups and goblets from the troves of the kings of Naples.

A separate gallery was opened in 2013 to house a permanent exhibition of Mouton Rothschild labels. Each vintage has its own unique label. Artists have included Picasso, Chagall, Warhol, Dali and Prince Charles.

musée Mouton Rothschild  

Château Lynch-Bages has been showcasing famous contemporary artists every year since 1989.

A contemporary art exhibition is held in the ancient vat-house and cellars at Château Lynch-Bages every summer. In 1989 Jean-Michel Cazes, the chateau owner, asked Pierre Alechinsky to illustrate that year’s exceptional vintage. Every year since, an artist has been asked to create an original work for the chateau, building an impressive permanent collection of artwork over the years, including works by Jean Le Gac, Manuel Arroyo, Sandro Chia, Titus Carmel, Donald Lipski, Jiri Kolar, Donald Sultan, Lourdes Castro and Tan Swie Hian.

The contemporary art exhibition is held from May to October. The exhibition this year is a retrospective of works by artists previously displayed at the chateau.

art lynch bages  

The Union of Saint-Emilion Producers

Another recent winner of the prize for “Art and Culture” from Best of Wine Tourism, The Union of Saint-Emilion Producers are passionate about their trade and their desire to share their passion. In 2008 a dedicated space was opened to celebrate art - with bimonthly exhibitions organized around various themes.

A tour of the exhibition is followed by a tasting - what better way to peruse the exhibits than with a glass in hand…

Galerie UDP Saint-Emilion