Capucins market, the "belly" of Bordeaux

Shopping in the “Capus” market is a weekend ritual in Bordeaux. You fill your basket with the best produce from south-west France and arrange to meet friends for a mid-morning treat.

Marché Capucins  

The indoor market and surrounding square are named after Capuchin monks, who wore sackcloth robes and a “capuce”, or hood. 

It was already known in the 18th century for its cattle market, before the market gardeners from the surrounding area moved in and set up their stalls. The Baltard-style market building, with atrium windows and cast-iron pillars recovered from pavilions at the Paris Exhibition, was inaugurated in 1881.

In 1999, the addition of a glass roof and awnings let more light into this vast building, which houses over 80 retailers and a number of refreshment stalls and restaurants, open from Tuesday to Sunday morning.

Despite the draughts, the “Capus” market has never lost its friendly, human warmth, cheerful racket, and mouth-watering bouquet of flavours, featuring cheese, seafood, fruit, and vegetables. 

halle marché des capucins  

It’s worth braving the crowds to watch the fascinating show that plays out in this superb décor. Hot tip: head for the Capucins market in the early morning to beat the crowds. You will be able to take your time wandering around this maze of delicious treats, smell the scent of the sea and exotic fruit, inspect the mouth-watering Basque pork products and free-range chickens, treat yourself to a “dune blanche”, a rich puff pastry filled with mousseline cream, and have a coffee at “Poulette’s”. When you Leave the market, the surrounding cafés and fine food shops will be open for business. It is impossible to leave empty-handed, thirsty, or hungry!

Marché Capucins  
sur le pouce marché capucins  
produits marché capucins  

Practical information

Marché des Capucins - Place des Capucins 33800 Bordeaux

Opening hours : tuesday to friday, from 6 am to 1 pm; saturday and sunday from 5:30 am to 2:30 pm