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Saint-Emilion does without presentations. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the cradle of some of the largest wine estates in France. This medieval village is famous for the quality of its wines but also for its architecture. This medieval city boasts the largest monolithic church in Europe. A monument to discover in priority, now the emblem of the city. Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux village of UNESCO Its landscape has changed over time to become a place where modern architecture meets ancient underground cellars. If you prefer state-of-the-art properties, designed by world-renowned architects, rather than castles steeped in history and tradition, make your choice from the few outstanding places listed below and visit wines of Saint-Emilion.

The image of unfolding vineyards stretching out into the horizon decorated with elegant castles in the backdrop is a beautiful postcard picture. However, there are many ways to discover this earthly piece of paradise.

Of course, through Bordeaux’s wine you are logically introduced to its wonderful gastronomy. Through its gastronomy you are brought to the source of its produce, the agricultural terrain that circles the city. And through its luscious countryside you can not miss the existential Garonne river which imposes itself between the two river banks. The vineyards can also be discovered via other facets such as patrimony, hiking, restaurants, winery tour and not-to-be-missed events.

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