Nathalie Escuredo, a life built around the love of wine

Nathalie speaks as if her love affair with wine was almost an accidental encounter. Born in Bordeaux, she was bought up “in the middle of it all” as her grandmother held a café-restaurant in the centre. Nathalie carried out her studies of history and history of art in her hometown and stumbled upon the world of wine whilst working as a tourist guide.

The love of wine and the outdoors: Nathalie found her niche

Nathalie explains how her passion for wine surfaced very early, but she also realised that her knowledge in the matter was limited. Eager to learn more about Bordeaux’s star product, she pursued her oenology studies in the city and came across her future husband and partner in crime, Jérôme, who was studying in the same university. Together they have created their own business mixing wine production and tourism. 

I started working as a guide in 1988 and people often spoke to me about the possibility of walking amongst the vineyards. It is true that we spend a lot of time in the wine-cellars rather than in the vineyards.” 

The love of wine and the outdoors: Nathalie found her niche and now she proposes a one and a half hour stroll in the vineyards followed by a wine tasting session and Spanish tapas (in reference to her Hispanic origins) cooked personally by the couple. This all takes place on their personal property Château Boutinet, bought in 2011, which is open to tourists all year round.

The tours in the vineyards and tapas option is proposed every Wednesday evening in July and August. It is available during the other months of the year if reserved in advance.  

Nathalie Escuredo seule  

Nathalie and Jérôme also propose beginner wine tasting sessions for groups of at least four people.

“This is the real art of wine tasting… the colour, the smell, the taste…”

The couple have made their life and love out of wine and are currently restoring a ruined XVIII century château which lies on the property and previously belonged to the family Dumas de Laroque.

“It is the prettiest of places!” she adds. 

The eight hectares of terrain, which form part of the Bordeaux Supérieur region, used to belong to a cooperative. Since Nathalie and Jérôme have been working the land, they sell the harvest which is produced on six hectares of the land to the cooperative and the remaining harvest produced on the other two hectares is prepared on the site.

façade boutinet et vignes  
Bordeaux Nathalie  

Nathalie is deeply attached to her home city and belongs to the association of wine growers in the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superior region. Among her favourite places are: the right hand side of the river Garonne from which she likes to admire the Place de la Bourse and Quinconces, the Chartrons district because of its mix of old stone mixed with modern architecture and finally the St.Michel neighbourhood which takes her to her Spanish origins.

With regards to her favourite places in France, Nathalie lists the Cantal “for its cheese and its perfect mix with wine,” and Côtes de Rhône “for its mountainous and vineyard landscape, so different from here.”