Jean-François QUENIN, owner of château de Pressac

The Château Pressac, located east of Saint-Emilion, overlooks a hillock. Composed of 42 hectares including 36 hectares of vineyards, the castle Pressac was built in the Middle Ages. It was in 1860 that the estate was bought in order to undertake major renovations. In 1997, Jean François Dominique Quenin bought the property and started cultivating the land. The winery was renovated two years later.

The visit of Château de Pressac

In 2012, the Château was promoted Grand Cru Classé Saint Emilion. Since then, more than 7,000 people come to visit the castle. You have the opportunity to visit the outside of the castle and its courtyard to understand the history of this monument. The stages of winemaking will then be explained. This visit will end with a tasting of the different wines of the estate. An exceptional visit to do if you go to Saint Emilion.

You live in a fairy-tale setting, what strength do you draw from this environment?

We are not in a museum, but in a living winemaking property, where work is done. It is this reality that we invite our visitors to discover. Here we show our normal everyday life. Guests are not welcomed by actors but by professionals who make wine, day after day, and are there with their boots on and their sleeves rolled up. An enormous amount of work has been done since we bought the château in 1997, and it was rewarded when we became a Grand Cru Classé.

Portrait JF Quenin Pressac  
Raisins Pressac  

The right bank is a mosaic of small properties of great diversity, what is the connection?

These very small estates are an important part of the culture of the right bank. The great characteristic here is that there remains a real fabric of family-owned properties. This manifests itself in the simplicity of the welcome, which gets to the essence of the place and the product. There is something very human here, because often the owners themselves talk to their visitors. It is a dream within reach, with authenticity on top.

Château de Pressac  

Why has St-Émilion been such a success?

We are in a region of rolling land with magnificent terroir and an extraordinary heritage of Romanesque churches. Saint-Émilion is now on the world stage. The new cellars, created by internationally renowned architects, illustrate this standing. Previously, the growth was represented by the house. Now, it is the working tools that have the upper hand. Culture is not unchanging. This proves that the land remains alive, because many here are people of the land, peasants in the noble sense of the term. I therefore recommend taking the time to visit properties of different sizes, family estates along with other larger ones.

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