Nadalié's Cooperage in Ludon Médoc

Family owned Nadalié's Cooperage is known in the region for his perfect mastery of the art of barrel making for the past five generations. 

Now open to the public, take a moment to enjoy the smell of heated oak as 45 craftsmen put together the prestigious barrels in the workshop. 

At Nadalié's Cooperage, 60% of the production is sent abroad

Chile, Australia, Lebanon, Italie, Bulgaria… the packaged barrels have reached the end of the assembly line in the Nadalié Cooperage, but are still weeks, if not months away from their destination. 60% of the production is sent abroad and much of this is transported to the other side of the Atlantic, to their number one client, the United States.

Also printed on the transportation label is the type of wood the barrels have been made with and the temperature they have been warmed at. whether it be with French, American of Eastern European oak, the barrels are assembled with the utmost care and transported across the globe. 

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"Nadalié's Cooperage produces 30,000 barrels per year"

The Nadalié family business dates back to 1902, when machines did not exist to help workers assemble the barrels.

Now, the process has become semi-automatic. According to the guide, Pauline Philippe, the machines have replaced the tools and not the workforce, improving on quality and quantity.

Nowadays the company produces 30,000 barrels per year, the equivalent to 150 barrels a day. With only around 50 cooperage business in France, more than 20 of which are concentrated in Bordeaux, Nadalié is one of the biggest manufacturers in the wine region. 

Barrels can range from 30 to 600 litres- the typical barrels from Bordeaux can hold 225 litres and have a final cost of 700 euros. 

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The barrels are, of course, mainly destined to stock wine and to add a certain flavour thanks to the aromas found in their woods.
However, Madame Philippe also explains that they can stock other alcohols such as beer.

At Nadalié's, sustainable development is a priority !

Nadalié's Cooperage  boasts its sustainable development commitment and buys the majority of its trees through the National Office of Forests which respect the “take one and plant three trees” policy.

The company also uses only natural products such as the “feuilles de jonc”, leaves from a natural plant that act as a watertight glue between the wooden boards.

And finally, the company takes pride in its traceability as each barrel is linked to the lot of trees it originally came from. 

Tonnellerie Nadalié - soudure  

Visit Nadalié's Cooperage

Visits are possible from Monday to Friday mornings, the workshop is closed to visitors in the afternoon as the heating room (the place where you can really appreciate the aromas!) is turned off. Tours are available in both French and English and last one and a half hours. You visit the workshop and wood storage park and finish with a wine tasting session.

The premises are rather big, so in order to avoid getting lost, head towards the “bureau”/office entrance and on the left there is a small green gate. Go through and continue forward until you get to another entrance. The doors on the right lead you to the presentation and boutique which is where the tour starts and finishes.

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