Marie-Laure Lurton, owner of La Tour de Bessan in Margaux

Marie-Laure Lurton, owner of 2 castles in the Médoc, dedicates a little of her time for an interview. A graduate of oenology, she has been helping her family since its childhood in making wine. Today, its unique wines show the power of the fruit and the potential of the vintage. Marie-Laure Lurton is today at the head of 3 properties: The Château la Tour de Bessan, the Château de Villegeorge and the Château Duplessis.

Château La Tour de Bessan

A puzzling combination, the estate has a 13th century tower and a contemporary vat room and mixes the pleasure of tasting with learning how to blend. Come discover the making of wine in this magnificent contemporary chateau. You will be welcomed by Marie-Laure Lurton or Jean-Luc Bregille, the cellar master of this château. 

Why is this a legendary route?

ML: The Médoc is a peninsula, which corresponds to its rather closed and austere nature. It is not somewhere you just pass through. It is a place where you go for its prestigious growths, whose names make you dream, for its classifications which call out to the visitor. Contrary to what is thought, it is not a monotonous region. There is a wide variety of soils and appellations, which adapt to all tastes and all budgets.

Paysage Medoc  
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Paysage Médoc nu  

By showing behind the scenes, aren’t you taking away some of the charm?

ML: When we open the backstage to visitors, we also open the imagination. This allows them to discover all the details, the attention and the chain of skills needed to make wine. We explain how we adapt to each vintage, to ensure that it gives of its best.

Portrait Marie-Laure Lurton  

What do you offer to your visitors?

ML: Through the wine, there is the idea of culture, but also of sharing, and this is what we want to recreate in our workshops. We want to give them some keys to developing their own palates, and choosing for themselves. The blending workshop has been a great success, because people can have pleasure while learning at the same time.

La tour de Bessan  
La Tour de Bessan - verres