Chateau Lamothe-Bergeron: not just a winery but a wine experience!

Chateau Lamothe-Bergeron is a Cru Bourgeois in AOC Medoc and lies just off the famous “Route des Chateaux”, the D2, the wine lovers Route 66, heading out from Bordeaux towards some of the finest wine producing chateaux in the world. Following months of extensive renovation, the chateau opened its doors to visitors in 2015 and has been trailblazing oenotourism in the region.

The conviviality at the Chateau Lamothe-Bergeron

As stated by Laurent Mery, the director of the chateau ‘To wake up Sleeping Beauty, the vineyards, the winemaking equipment, the chateau were all refurbished ……. but then we wanted to go further and dreamed of an avant-garde oenotourism, different to anything else around in Bordeaux’. And voilà! Oenotourism “à la Chateau Lamothe Bergeron”…..

Visit Château Lamothe Bergeron

At Château Lamothe Bergeron, Anne Melchior was hired to take charge personally of the oenotourism and with the rest of the chateau team, the project was launched.

What distinguishes a visit to this chateau from the others? Well, there’s nothing quite like it. Visits start in the heart of the chateau, in the elegant reception rooms - unusual in Bordeaux where visits are generally confined to the wine cellars and the hangars. Following a brief overview of the history of the property, visitors are taken to the observatory, an outdoor cabin with views over the 67 hectares that make up the vineyards, to learn about the vines, the soil, the territory.

And that’s just the start. 

Lamothe bergeron observatoire  

New technology at Château Lamothe Bergeron

It starts in the vatroom, with a play of light and shadow amongst the wine vats; visitors are guided onwards by a mysterious, shimmering pink light, with a hologram projected onto one of the vats. The images dance in front of the eyes, filling the vat with grapes, then with a demonstration of the fermentation process, the turning process and the running of the fermented juice.

In the next hangar, the art of blending the wine is explained - by a film projected onto glass, the main actors being Laurent Mery himself and Hubert de Boüard, the “oenologue consultant” to the chateau. 

The formula works - as educative as it is entertaining. “Sometimes there aren’t even any questions” explains Anne, “everyone has understood everything, even the children sit down and watch, as though they were at the cinema”.  

chais à barrique Lamothe bergeron  
Lamothe bergeron cuvier  

« It’s important to feel the conviviality »

The outside of Château Lamothe Bergeron has retained its 19c grandeur, but inside is a surprise; the interior is resolutely modern and contemporary. “I wanted it cosy, so people felt at ease’ explains Laurent Mery ‘It’s important to feel the conviviality”.

The renovated 19C chateau is also open to conferences and seminars, with an entire floor available with facilities, as is the 2 hectare park for cocktails and garden parties.  The chateau has a well equipped kitchen with a professional chef, and the drawing rooms and 4 suites are available for that experience VIP: “La Vie de Chateau à la Française”. Offers include cognac and cigar pairing, tasting workshops and starlight walks…… 

Château Lamothe Bergeron - aube façade  
lamothe bergeron parc  
lamothe bergeron ruche  

Château Lamothe Bergeron, a great place to visit!

Only 4 months after it opened its doors to the public, Chateau Lamothe-Bergeron won the prestigious Best Of Wine Tourism prize for its ‘original, innovative and interactive visits….’.

It’s a great place to visit if you know nothing about wine and would love to learn or if you are a wine lover and want to see how centuries of wine making marries with modern technology.

The chateau welcomes visitors 7 days a week during the season and offers different formulae and visits, including food and wine pairing and workshops.

Château Lamothe Bergeron on video!