Véronique Sanders, managing director of Château Haut-Bailly

Situated in the heart of the Graves, Château Haut-Bailly is well-known for the finesse and elegance of its wines. 

What are the keys to understanding this unique terroir, the cradle of the Bordeaux vineyard?


VS: Here we are on very old land. Written traces making reference to the vines of Haut-Bailly date back to the 14th century. In the Graves, we are the only viticultural region which bears the name of its soil. You must come to see these pebbles store up the heat in the day, to release it when night falls. It is a very favourable terroir for wine, and very rich in terms of landscapes. The gently curved valleys of Pessac-Léognan alternate with the forests and the stone walls of Sauternes. This is what makes the region so moving.

vigne sol haut bailly  

"You must come to see these pebbles store up the heat in the day, to release it when night falls"

Haut bailly portrait chateau  

This land seems to have been made for the art of living, how do you explain this refinement to others?


VS: At Haut-Bailly, we receive more than 7000 visitors a year, and many of them dine at our private table. We take a great deal of care to welcome them and try to radiate a certain French art of living. We have also just opened some guest rooms in a little chartreuse from the 18th century. It is a place of extraordinary tranquillity, in the heart of the vines.

haut bailly - bouteille  

What would you like to share with visitors?


VS: In the first place, we give time to each of them. Here, all those who receive guests work somewhere on the property. They let visitors discover their trade, the vine and the wine it produces. We never give the same visit twice. We adapt to the visitor and invite them to enter our universe. I have accompanied my grandfather, who welcomed our guests in this way when I was a child. It is part of our culture.

haut bailly portrait véronique sanders  
Haut-Bailly dégustation