A night at Château de Léognan

In the first days of spring, a sudden desire for nature and getting away from it all crosses my mind: where can I find a cosy and romantic setting against a green backdrop, not far from Bordeaux, while still taking advantage of the best local products that our beautiful region has to offer? Without a second thought, I decide to reserve a stay at Château Léognan, a magnificent gem of wine tourism offering a complete panorama of activities blending history, architecture, gastronomy and even a drive in a horse-drawn carriage, in the heart of the vines and at the edge of the woods. Brimming with secrets and surprises, the owners welcome me warmly to their property and let me experience life in a château for a night (or more if you want), taking advantage of one of the superb guest rooms offered since 2009 and winners of a “Best of Wine Tourism” award in 2015. 

Before the actual Château de Léognan, the estate of six hectares dating from the 17th century consisted only of sheepfolds. But very quickly, successive owners each added their personal touch and participated in the radical transformation of the land into the marvellous architectural ensemble that we know today.

Château de Léognan  

“Best of d’Or” prize in 2015

The creation of the guest rooms by Philippe and Chantal Miecaze, owners of the estate since 2007, is one of the flagship features of the estate, which can’t leave anyone indifferent: I have fallen for their charm!

The typical white stone of Bordeaux, alcoves, ancient columns, balconies . . . All was renovated during long months of work to restore all the character of this fine house, and the least that can be said is that the operation has succeeded.


Winner of the “Best of d’Or” prize in 2015 in the “Accommodation” category, Château Léognan welcomes visitors throughout the year and offers five rooms, including one master suite, all specially converted in one of the wings of the château.  Nothing has been left to chance in the conversion of the rooms, and each has its own signature. With the refined decoration, soothing colours for some rooms and bracing colours for others, I can choose between the family suite “Seurin” with its violet and pink floral colours, the “Garance” room with its invigorating ambience, completely transparent, the “Faustine” and its tangy and sparkling theme, or “Bérénice” with its romantic and generous feel. But I finally go for “Capucine”, attracted by its bucolic, country style and colourful atmosphere.

Château de Léognan Bar  
Chateau de Leognan Chambre  

Un havre de paix...

Along with this decoration, transforming my room into a haven of peace and a comfortable cocoon, each of the rooms is equipped with a private bathroom, a flat screen and an Internet connection. Technologies that didn’t stop me from also taking advantage of the stunning view from my window over the estate’s chapel, the centuries-old trees of the neighbouring forest, as well as the horses sauntering around the pond. A swimming pool is also available in sunny weather for those who want it: a change of scene and tranquillity guaranteed!

The tariffs range from €95 to €130 according to the room and the season, and the gargantuan breakfast is included.

When we wake up, the owners make a fuss of us, offering home-made jam, fruit juice, hot drinks, pastries, fresh bread (baked a few minutes before serving, a real treat!), fruit salad, dairy products . . . We don’t know which way to turn and are sure to leave with our stomachs well filled after this idyllic start to the day, a good omen for what is to follow. And the programme offers a vast choice: a visit to the chapel, a tasting of the property’s wines or a ride in a horse-drawn carriage? I can't choose between them and want to try everything.

Château de Léognan Plat  

Finally, the icing on the cake, to round off this dream night Château Léognan has had its own gastronomic restaurant since May 2015, “Le Manège”, built in the estate’s old stables, offering a rich wine list and delicate seasonal dishes, fitting in with the tradition of sharing the products of the south-west


In short, you will have understood that I have a magical memory of this timeless night, in a fabulous setting filled with history. Whether you are young or old, in a family group or among friends, you can choose it with your eyes closed. I highly recommend it!  


Château de Léognan dessert