Maison des Vins of Cadillac

Cadillac is a small town of no more than 3000 inhabitants situated to the southeast of Bordeaux. A 45 minute drive will take you to its “Maison des vins” (wine house) where you can visit and taste wine for free. Most importantly, the region is highly reputed for its wine as it has not one or two wine labels, but three! The AOC Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux is reputed for its red wines, whereas the Premières Côtes de Bordeaux and the Cadillac are recognised for their splendid white wine.

The Maison des Vins of Cadillac is a central point in the town which proposes various activities.

One of the most original trip to get a real taste of the region, its gastronomy and its wine is a cooking class, from the market to your very dish, with the chef Olivier Straehli. You are in charge of your own French culinary creation from the moment you pick your ingredients in Cadillac’s market to the moment you put into practise all the new cooking techniques you have learned. You will also learn pair wines and dishes. Bonus point: after the cooking class, you will have the chance to visit a winery house where you will learn about how the wine is made. This is followed by another tasting session, of course!

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Check out the small museum which offers information on vine stocks and the winemaking process. It is free and includes a wine tasting session, often carried out by a local wine grower. If you would prefer to discover the vineyards outside, there are different trips which are proposed to discover the wine-growers’ work. Get up close and personal with the vine stocks and enjoy a fun activity with friends or family.

The workshops, the museum and the recent open days have earned the Maison de Vins a 2019 Best of Wine Tourism Prize, which acknowledges the services proposed by oenological institutions in Aquitaine.


This part of the outskirts of Bordeaux is well worth a visit if you enjoy imposing castles, roman churches and impressive mansions secretly haunted by the memory of famous writers of artists. Enjoy a drive through the rolling hills under the warming sun and take a walk around. You will have plenty to discover!

«Jeux de Raisin», a brand new fun playground dedicated to the youngest...

Freshly open in 2017, the new toy of the Maison des Vins de Cadillac is called "Jeux de Raisin" ... You may have already guessed it, it is a playground dedicated to the youngest in order to let them discover the world of vine and the local heritage. Between giant puzzle and bilboquet, a lot of interactive games will delight and awaken the curiosity of your children.

Feeling kind of a detective ? Enigma, riddles and rebus on the theme of the Garonne river are waiting to be resolved ... For the sporty ones, test your abilities with the long jump while discovering different key dates in the history of the region. Finally, a path of sensations as well as mystery boxes will allow you to awaken your senses while having fun.

The best way to find out more is to come and test this new playground by yourself at the Maison des Vins de Cadillac.

Jeux de Raisin  

Best of Wine Tourism


The Maison des vins de Cadillac proposes four unique workshops:

  • the indulgence workshop which combines gastronomy and wine, 
  • the wine and chocolate workshop which is carried out by Evelyne Farou, 
  • a wine-tasking for beginners workshop where you will learn the basics of the local wine varieties, 
  • the black glass workshop where you have to guess what type of wine is in the black glass 
  • the relax tasting workshop, which is carried out by Jenny Lloret. 

The wine grower makes a very interesting connexion between wine and sophrology ! If you would like a go, this takes place once a month- always on the last Friday. 

Maison du Vin Cadillac