Guillaume Pouthier, director of Carmes Haut-Brion

A real enclave in the city, Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion has developed an ambitious modernisation project.

Yours is the only estate in the city of Bordeaux, what are the special characteristics of an urban vineyard?

GP: The property is made up of five hectares of vines, but also a park of centuries-old trees, which gives a unique appearance to the landscape. It is a real jewel, surrounded by the city, which commits us to certain responsibilities. In particular, we have chosen an organic philosophy, out of respect for the surrounding population. For the same reasons, we wanted a passive cellar, so it is buried under the surface of a lake that crosses the estate. But to have an address in Bordeaux is above all a privilege: it allows our visitors to come all the way here by tram.

Guillaume Pouthier carmes haut-brion  

How is this link with the city expressed?

GP: We have just built a new cellar, which was conceived as a homage to the history of the city. Designed by Philippe Starck, it gets back to the symbolism of the great wines of Bordeaux, transported by boat to the four corners of the globe. The purpose of this new tool is to open ourselves up to the city. Before everything was closed, surrounded by walls. Symbolically, we have a large openwork gate, which connects us to the urban environment.

The new cellar, designed by Philippe Starck

Photo credit: Philippe Labeygurie

Maintaining the prestige of Bordeaux also means knowing how to modernise?

GP: With this new equipment, we wanted to bring together the old and the new, to promote diversity and to create something very unusual. These are also the characteristics to be found in our wines. Such an investment allows us to embody our very ambitious vision of the estate and the wines of Bordeaux, which remain among the greatest in the world.

vendanges carmes haut-brion  
feuille carmes haut-brion