Bordeaux river cruise : boat trip on the garonne river

From wine tasting cruises on the Garonne river to discovery river cruises throught Bordeaux's wine routes, Bordeaux has now a complete offer to sail along the 'Port of the Moon', classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Within an hour, an afternoon, a day or a week, sailing on the Garonne river provides an exciting and relaxing way to visit the city and its surroundings. Embark from the Cité du Vin or the city center and let the waves of this iconic river take you off time for a cruise.

Bordeaux river cruise : a new mission for the Garonne river !

Long considered a ‘sleeping beauty’ by its residents, today Bordeaux shines as a small but beautiful, cosmopolitan city. An important part of the city’s renaissance has been the revitalisation of the river. Historically the river was crucial to the flow and exchange of goods, communication and people. With modern transportation, the river lost its purpose. Today the tide has been reversed. it’s river cruising that has really transformed the way visitors explore the city and region. Geographically, a river departure from Bordeaux gives visitors the opportunity to travel on the Garonne river, the Dordogne river and the Gironde estuary. And the success of Bordeaux’s cruise scene means that there’s an option for every budget and schedule.

An hour or two cruising on the Garonne river...

Apéro Bord'o

Hop aboard the Sardane for Apéro Bord’o, a wine tasting cruise that lasts 90 minutes, giving you a enchanting view of Bordeaux’s UNESCO World Heritage waterfront while enjoying the region’s terrific wines. The ship leaves at 18:45 from Bordeaux’s Pont d’Honneur, Quai Richelieu, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 2 - October 1. You’ll sail past the 18th century facades of Bordeaux’s Port de la Lune to Lormont and back.

The same company also offers 3-hour lunch and dinner cruises on the Sicambre, a restored flat-bottomed ferry which has been turned into a restaurant with table service.

They are specialized in river cruises that focus on wine, and offer itineraries that also stop at the estuary islands.

The Aquitania and Burdigala

Another wonderful way to experience Bordeaux’s unique waterfront is a 90-minute cruise on the Aquitaina or Burdigala.

You’ll pass under seven bridges and enjoy Bordeaux’s famous, historic facades and natural surroundings.

Apéro Bord'o

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The Aquitania and Burdigala

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Boat-bike tours in Bordeaux

The popular barge and bike trip has arrived in Bordeaux! Aboard the MS Bordeaux, Bike and Boat Tours offers weeklong trips around the region on the Dordogne, Garonne and Gironde Rivers. This floating hotel caters to wine enthusiasts who would like to enjoy a leisurely cycle in the region’s exceptional vineyard landscape. Of course, there is much more to Bordeaux than fine wines. There are magnificent chateaux and picturesque villages, and stunning vistas, making this an ideal cycling destination. And then there is the city of Bordeaux itself: one of the most bike-friendly cities in France. The daily cycling routes run 30-50 km, either with a guide or self-guided.

Aquitaine Croisières and

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Bike and boat tours

Diner cruise and private cruise, everything you need to know...

Increasingly, families, groups of friends and businesses are choosing to hire a boat to mark an occasion. There are a couple of options.

The Marco Polo 

The Marco Polo was built in Sweden in the 1960s and designed for off-shore cruising. Composed of two large lounges, a new bar and a teak desk, she is both charming and beautiful. She’s moored at the the Embarcadère Montesquieu, Quai de Queyries, just across from Place des Quinconces. The ship can accommodate up to 150 passengers and sails to Cadaujac, Cadillac, Libourne, Pauillac, Bourg, Blaye…

The company offers wine tasting cruises, live music and cruises with stops for visiting fabulous vineyards and chateaux.

Croisières Burdigala

Croisières Burdigala has four boats based in Bordeaux available for hire. They navigate the Garonne, Dordogne and Gironde on a custom-made itinerary. The company also runs a ‘bateau mouche’ guided cruise in July and August for individuals.

Their boats include: l’Aquitania (150 people), Burdigala (74 people) the boat taxi Clapotine (17 people) and the VIP yacht Léopard d'Aquitaine (12 people).


The Marco Polo

Croisières Burdigala

+33 (0)5 56 49 36 88

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bordeaux canoe  

What about canoë-kayak on the Garonne river?

While you won’t see any white water, the Garonne’s swift currents will challenge paddlers and you’ll experience the contrast of Bordeaux’s historic waterfront and natural surroundings. The trip run by Bordeaux Canoe follows a descent from Bègles to Bordeaux in an open kayak (canoë-kayak). Nature, wildlife, traditional fishing shacks on stilts, 18th century facades, majestic bridges, a stop in city centre at the Ponton d’Honneur and the Miroir d’Eau. Paddle boarding is also offered. Kayak tours last 1 1/2 - 2 1/4 hours.

Bordeaux canoe 

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