Le Château Bertinerie at Cubnezais

The Château Bertinerie has been a family business for almost two centuries. The prestigious château with its grand entrance is situated at Cubnezais in the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation.

Its particularity lies with its eco-friendly approach to wine production. For the past 30 years, the Bantegnies family respects a zero-waste policy in addition to using biodegradable products

At Château Bertinerie we use reasoned farming methods

The winegrowers use the reasoned farming method (almost but not quite organic growing), the uncommon lyre system (it is the largest property in France to do so) and carry out hand-harvests. The lyre system organises the vine in a shape which mirrors the musical instrument, the lyre. This means there are two levels and the surface space is maximised. With regards to the eco-friendly wine production, the wine growers do not use any pesticides or insecticides. For example, to solve the problem of red and yellow spiders, they use a natural predator. They also have a weather station to precisely predict the weather conditions and reduce or shift the treatments which are 80% biodegradable- the reste being metals.

A total of 500,000 bottles (red wines, pale wines, dry white wines and rosé wines) is produced per year.

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Each visit ends with a wine tasting

Visitors are received in a large reception room and the visitor follows into the beautiful underground wine cellars, wine warehouse and barrel storage rooms. There is a wine tasting session at the end of the visit. Tours are available in English and it is highly recommended to book in advance for a morning or afternoon visit.

Furthermore, if you wish to celebrate a special occasion, château Bertinerie has two rooms available for hire: a small 70m2 hall - perfect for conferences or family gatherings as well as a spacious 230m2 hall for larger events. The latter has a wooden terrace attached to the hall adding 130m2 of space. it has has a wonderful view of the vineyards: perfect for mariages, birthdays or wedding anniversaries! 

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